Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing in Sydney

There are advantages and disadvantages of Metal Roofing

Cost of Metal Roofing in Northern Beaches Sydney NSWCost of Metal Roofing in Sydney. The biggest drawback is initial cost. Metal roofing is equivalent in cost to other premium materials — from about $150 to $600 per square (100 square feet). If you stay in the house for a long time you will save on seasonal maintenance. But if you plan to move in a couple of years, you probably won’t get the return on your investment. See metal roofing installation checklist.

Noise. In a rainstorm or hailstorm, living beneath thin sheets of metal is bound to be noisier than living beneath thick slate or tile. It can be controlled by using materials that have structural barriers to minimize the drumming effect and also applying them over sound-deadening insulation and solid plywood sheathing.

Denting. A metal roof can dent if large hailstones fall on it. Metal roofing types like aluminum and copper, much softer than steel, are more prone to denting. But some types are guaranteed not to dent.

Some maintenance calls for access to the roof. You can walk on some metal roofs but not all; it depends on how the particular product is made and the type of construction supporting it. Also, metal can be very slippery when wet.

Marring & care. Some painted metal roof finishes can peel, chip, fade, scratch, or chalk, although nearly all are guaranteed for 30 years. Installers must be careful not to scratch or dent the roofing during installation, and panels must be treated with care. Once installed, it may be necessary to hose off roofing now and then to keep it looking good.

Expansion & contraction. Because metal expands and contracts as it warms and cools, fasteners that secure the roofing might tend to come loose. Expansion and contraction on hot days can cause a wavy affect.

Modifications. Metal roofing materials installed in large panels are more difficult to replace. Also, if you remodel or add on to your home many years from now, it may be difficult to match the material.

Lightning. Lightning usually strikes trees or other high objects located near metal roofs rather than the roofs themselves. But if desired, metal roofs can be easily grounded by a lightning protection company.

House fire. Though metal roofs are good at guarding against a fire that approaches from outside a house, they are not ideal for fires that start within. With a serious fire, firemen may need to cut through the roof to put it out. This can be very difficult and take longer if the house is capped with a metal roof.

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