The 4 Most Costly Ongoing Guttering Mistakes Homeowners Make

Gutter cleaning is important.

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Gutter cleaning is a dreadful task, but if you want your property investment to serve you well for years to come, it is the one maintenance aspect you do not want to oversee. Few property owners realise that cleaning the gutters of your home properly save you from dealing with serious matters like:

Basement flooding
Foundation damage
Structural problems and damage
Fascia rotting
Landscape erosion

It is all preventable if you as a homeowner pay attention to the 4 most costly ongoing guttering mistakes:

1. Wait Until The Gutters Is Brimful Before Having Them Cleaned

When your gutters are brimful in severe rainfall or storms, it is too late already. Chances are very good that since the structure provided to move the water away from your home is not working properly, the water found a new path into the roof, attic, and on to the ceilings. When this happens, you are in for a couple of thousand dollars worth of repair. Rather get advice from a professional and have your gutters cleaned at least every 6 months. Not only will it save you on the long term, but will protect your investment for sure.

2. Fail To Do Inspections After Severe Winds Or Storms

You do not need to go out in the storm to do the inspection. Once bad weather has hit us, it certainly leaves us with some enough to do for a day or two. However, this is the first thing you should do once the bad weather has subsided. Check the gutters and your roof. You want to be sure that the roof and guttering has survived the storm and that there are no surprising problems about to happen. It is highly advisable that after severe storms or winds to call on a professional to inspect your roof and gutters just to make sure you are not in line for some nasty surprises down the line. eg. Leaking roofs.

3. Make Price The Most Important Factor

None of us wants to pay more than what is needed, and if you can get it done cheap, why not? This is all true, but there are two factors that you really should consider first before you hire someone to clean your gutters.

Usually the ridiculous low price offered on an advertisement or a website is usually not all inclusive of the entire service that needs to be done. Be sure you know exactly what needs to be done and request an all inclusive quote first.

If you only need someone to help you get rid of the leaves nested on your roof, a company with a blower will be sufficient to clean out the simple to reach areas. When you are searching for a company that can supply you with a proper deep clean that includes all the gutters and down pipes, and that make sure all the grime and dirt is removed properly, even the hard to reach places, it is starting to make sense that that too good to be true advertisement can hold value.

Regrettably for some companies, ethics is fairly low on their list. Many times you get a quotation and before you wipe your eyes, the quotation is now everything but what you can recall. Unfortunately these companies advertise a ridiculous low price just to get their feet on your doorstep. Once they start the additional costs starts to mount. More often than not, these so called additional charges are things that are supposed to be included in the general way of dealings.

The best advice is to deal with a local roofing and guttering company that that is known for their good reputation and work they do. Reputable companies usually will give you an all inclusive quote with no hidden or extra costs. You will only have to pay the amount that was quoted before the work commence.

4. Leave It All To Gutter Guards

Since gutter guards came on to the market many property owners thought it is the solution to their problem forever. Regretfully it is a wonderful aid that helps to deal with the problem of clogged or dirty gutters but it is not a solution that will prevent it totally.

Unfortunately there is no one gutter guard product on the market that can totally protect your gutters from decay and rust or your home from water damage.

The majority of the most affordable options have such large grids that it collects more dirt than what it remove, and not to mention that some are not even UV protected which leaves you with a useless product in a few months down the line as it starts to disintegrate.

When the more expensive gutter guards are considered, and be ready for some really expensive ones, does a great job in keeping the leaves out, but neglect about two thirds of the debris, twigs, grime and dirt that manage to fall through and decompose inside the gutter. Obviously this cause for corrosion and rust problems that is not easily observable because the gutter guard is closing it. Moreover, many of the more expensive gutter guards are not DIY systems and are difficult to install. You certainly need an accredited installer to have the job done for you.

Another problem with some gutter guard systems is that their warranties are really complex and at the best of times difficult to uphold your part of the deal. The majority of these systems require that you have your roof pressure cleaned twice a year. It is not a difficult sum to make. It will cost you more to do that than to simply have the gutters cleaned by a professional gutter cleaning company twice a year. One can not help to start wondering if gutter guards really do the required trick?

Gutter cleaning is no easy job and removing just the leaves are not the solution either. It becomes all more evident that these often overseen costly mistakes made by property owners are not worth being penny wise and pound foolish.

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