Tile Roofing Repairs in Sydney

The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Tile Roofing

It is indisputable that tile roofs simply just have an aesthetic appeal that is hardly matched. Manufactured from clay or concrete in a large selection of shapes it may be a heavy material to handle and comes with an equally heavy price tag, but you can be sure that you will have a roof that will easily last for a centaury. Equally important, tile roofs are durable and suitable for just about any weather conditions.

The following are a summary of the major advantages and drawbacks of tile roofing:

Tile Roofing SydneyTile Roofing Advantages

1. Durability
When tile roofs are installed correctly in the correct weather conditions it is highly likely that you will never need to install a new roof in Sydney again, certainly at least not in your lifetime or that of the next generation. The majority of manufacturers provide a half century warranty that unquestionably counts for something.

2. Large Selection
The selection of styles and colours is so large that it is difficult not to find the perfect match to create the perfect look for your home. Choices range from round, flat looking tiles, tiles that have a wood shake roofing appearance, or with an ancient look.

Where a South-Western or Spanish look wants to be obtained, tiles can provide that well-defined appearance. It is also used all around the world to complement colonial, contemporary, historical, or European styled houses.

3. Resistant to fire and fire destruction.

4. Resistant to hail, or substantial impact damage.

5. Unaffected by environmental deterioration, rot, or damage by pests such as insects or rodents.

6. Reliable Roofing Solution
Can successfully tolerate snow, freezing, melting, or rain without any risk of deterioration.

7. Roof tiles are sustainable.
Tile roofs are kind to the environment and is recyclable. We genuinely care for the Australian environment and protecting your home. Tiles are one of the most eco-friendly options for roofing in Sydney.

8. Tile roof thermal performance
Because of the thermal mass of the tiles, it helps to control the inside temperature of the house.

9. Tile roof maintenance.
Tile roof is not only cost effective but its also very durable. Tile roof is one of the most popular roofing types used today because of its looks and low maintenance.

Tile Roofing Contractor in SydneyTile Roofing Drawbacks

1. Initial Cost
The initial cost of a tiled roof is expensive in comparison to other roof types. It can easily be up to 3 times more than a typical asphalt roof.

2. Tile Roof Material Weight
They are fairly heavy and you should make sure the structure of the roof can support the weight of the tiles per square. It is best to consult with an engineer to make sure if any and where addition structural reinforcement will be needed if you are replacing other roofing with tiles.

3. Tile Roof Installation
The installation of a tile roof is most definitely not a do it yourself project. It requires without a doubt the service of a professional, highly skilled roofing contractor. Tiles need to be measured out precisely and laid in a particular pattern to secure the roof and ensure that the roof is waterproofed correctly.

4. Tile Roof Installation Costs
Installing a tile roof is a time consuming process and takes longer to install than other roof types. This also brings about additional labour costs.

5. Tile Roof Fragile Nature
Although the tiles are extremely durable, it still needs to be handled with care as it can break easily if not handled correctly.

6. Roof Pitch
Tile roofs are not recommended for roofs with pitches less than 4/12.

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