10 Metal Roofing Installation Checklist – Mistakes You Should Watch Out For

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Colorbond Metal Roofing Contractor Sydney ServiceIt is indisputable that metal roofing has become a trend amongst business and home owners alike. The majority of reasons are self explanatory. Metal roofs are durable, fire resistant, and energy efficient just to mention a few.

It is also true that metal roofs can last for decades; some experts argue for up to 70 years, which obviously outnumber the durability of other roofing types. However, what they do not tell you is that the smallest mistake with the choice of material or installation can cause you some serious dissatisfaction and become a fairly costly affair.

Here are the 10 most imporant metal roofing installation checklist.

1. A Metal Roof Is Not Just A Metal Roof!
There is an extensive choice of metal types to choose from for a start. Aluminium, copper, zinc, and galvanised steel to name just a few. Then there are the types of finishes available for every type of metal. From there we move to the thickness of the metal of your choice to consider as well as the shape and profile of your choice. All these factors have to be appropriate and suitable for the shape and of course the pitch of your roof and if the choice you made is supported by the structure of your roof. Further more, make sure that your choice is also suitable for the climate and weather conditions you have to deal with.

2. Making The Wrong Choice of Metal
The choice of metal you make should be appropriate for the needs of your area and conditions. Areas where high snowfall is probable, the design of your roof and your choice of metal for your roof is important. It should be able to shed the ice and snow correctly to prevent damage.

Areas close to the ocean where saltwater is at the order of the day, your choice of metal should be able to withstand corrosion or the metal should be treated to prevent premature roof failing.

When you consider roof insulation, make sure that your roof can accommodate the insulation you want to use. Moreover, remember that reflective surfaces is good for saving energy.

Sydney Metal Roof Contractor3. Not All Roofing Companies Can Install Metal Roofs
As you might have realised by now, metal roofing is not just a matter of hitting a few metal sheets together with some nails and seal it and Bob is your uncle. Before you pick the contractor to install your new metal roof, remember that the majority of roofing contractors are skilled and experienced in composite shingles as it was the most popular roofing material in recent years. It is highly unlikely that all roofing contractors will have the same level of expertise when shingle and metal roofing installation is compared.

Before you take the step to appoint a contractor to fit your metal roof, make effort and ask to see some of his previous projects. Ask for certifications and if he is a member of any roofing industry or organisation.

Dealing with the appropriate contractor will ensure that you save money, time, and endless hours of hardship to correct unprofessional mistakes. Be sure you are dealing with a contractor that is skilled in installing metal roofing and can prove it.

4. Only Thinking About Price Instead Of Total Cost
Before you decide, consider the following. There are much more to a roof than just the price of the metal you are going to use. There are many things to consider like the installation cost, the materials needed to install the roof, permits that are required, transportation and many more.
Before you consider the cheapest option, ponder on it why it is cheaper. Do you need to compromise on quality? Will you compromise on poor workmanship or poor finishing? Is the material of sub standard? Make sure you compare more than just the price and be sure to consider the total cost of the entire project in the end.

5. Skip on Specialist Advice
Not every roofer is skilled in metal roofs, so are salesmen not experts in providing you with the appropriate roof for your particular home and area. Rather consult a specialist in the field of metal roofing to provide you with a proper inspection and consultation on what the best and most durable option for your metal roof will be. Skimping on those few dollars will most likely come back to haunt you in thousands.

6. Wrong Measurements
Have we not all heard it before? Measure twice, cut once. Be sure that the estimator work through the plans thoroughly and include all the parts of the roof. Measurements of your roof is not as simple as add, deduct, divide, and multiply. There are intricate calculations involved, especially if skylights and attic fans are required. More often than not, kits short some defective or missing accessories that can really be troublesome. Keep in mind to bring flashing, trimming, and installation materials all in to account.

7. The Wrong Roof Pitch Estimation
Believe it or not, it happens fairly often. The pitch of the roof is estimated to be lower than what it is and you end up with too short panels. In the event where the pitch is over estimated, the panels ended up too long and time is wasted to cut them to size.

Do keep in mind that roofs with a high pitch is likely to increase the cost of labour. There are specific OH&S regulations that has to be met that makes it more time consuming and obviously more expensive.

8. Inadequate Skills or Instructions
A lack of communication between you and the contractor can cause some difficult problems. However, a lack of proper instructions between the architect, estimator, and the contractor and even more so between the contractor’s workers can become a disastrous event. The estimator worked out how to do the roofing in the most resourceful way and the workers follow their own way, the result, a waste of materials or a lack of materials on a job that was carefully budgeted for. Therefore, once again, be sure to use a skilled metal roof installer or contractor that are knowledgeable and have experience with working with estimators and architects.

9. Bad Communication with Metal Roofing Contractor
One crucial area where communication is of the essence is between the contractor and the local authorities. Rather you make sure that the contractor is up to date with the relevant permits and inspections to prevent any delays. A small slip in this department can cause severe delays in your project.

10. Neglect The Insurer and Guarantees
Always remember that the roof manufacturer only guarantee their products when their instructions are followed meticulously. Therefore, to be on the safe side, make use of an installer that is accredited. In the end, you as the home owner will end up with the dealings and it remain your responsibility to ensure that the roof is correctly installed according to the manufacturers instructions.

In addition, when you decide to install a metal roof, have a good consultation with your insurance company as well, well in advance before you start any work. Various insurance companies have different policies on different kinds of roofs. Make sure that you and your insurance company is on the same page before you end up with a significant insurance payment increase.

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