Monarch 150g Mini Grey Roof & Gutter Silicone

Product Description

Monarch Mini Roof & Gutter is a neutral cure silicone sealant ideal for all roofing & outdoor applications. Suitable across a wide range of materials like metal, brick, galvanised iron, tiles and aluminium. This sealant is ideal for installing or repairing gutters, roofs, downpipes, skylights and more.

Need to clean your gutters? Contact All Beaches Gutter Cleaning today! Featuring a quick open outlet, the mini cartridge can twist open using a Monarch Mini caulking gun to safely open without using a knife for quick and easy use.

  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials
  • Neutral cure
  • Safe for drinking water – AS4020 approved
  • Quick exposure to light running water (after 30min)
  • Coloured sealant

For roofing and gutter cleaning in Northern Beaches. Call us today!


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