New Colorbond Roof Installation

Giving your home that professionally finished look is our job.

The colorband roofs are known for durability and aesthetic values. They appear very beautiful when finished professionally. They are a lot of professional roofing companies that can handle New Colorbond Roof Installation perfectly. All Beaches Roofing is reputed for handling all kinds of roofing jobs perfectly.

For every new Colorbond Roof Installation, you enjoy a 25 years manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is best enjoyed when you have the best hands doing the fixing for you.

colorbond-installationThe first step in Colorbond roof installation is preparing the surface area. The timber lining must be well beaten to ensure a smooth and straight finish. The heavy-duty anti-condensation blanket is the next step. Once it is completely laid, the roof is set for fixing. The more professional, the better the outcome of the entire work.

Once all the sheets are laid, the next step is to make them watertight. This is basically done using custom flashings. This also requires the use of valley gutters and top ridge capping. Other ways of bringing out the beauty are by installing skylights and whirlybirds. However, these are optional materials. A good roof looks good generally without necessary upgrades such as these. It is therefore good to get the job done to its best first.

New Colorbond Roof Installation can take 2 to five days to complete. This depends on the square meter to be covered. A more complex roof requires more time to complete than a simple one.

A professionally covered roof has weatherproof properties. It also ensures there are no hindrances to water flow to prevent rusting. This will also help your roof last longer.

We ensure you get the best service when you subscribe to our service. Our trained experts are always available to help you with the job.

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